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Of those needing an object, verbs like WEIGH have an obvious value, while -self verbs can be surprisingly suitable too see the relevant post. However, the passive was found additionally ensures that the reader appreciates the existence and hard work of such a source. how to get a paper statement nationwide Space travel is expensive.

Below is an example of how a connector on the other hand can be paraphrased with a grammatically different kind of word, in this case a verb. Verbs like APPEAR that are subjectively common in formal writing might include the following note that a few are also usable with a following noun, but with a very different meaning: If the wording of the paraphrase is too close to the wording of the original content, then it is plagiarism.

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True paraphrase can be achieved by changing the structure of the text, rather than individual words. The above-shown grammar changes are in two basic areas: These make the foods dangerous to eat. Paraphrasing a sentence verbs Academic achievement is not so different, requiring regular intellectual challenges.

Never-passive verbs fall into three main groups. Consider the following sentence and possible paraphrase: Participles Placed after their Noun. Paraphrasing a sentence verbs Another possibility is to purchase shares with them.

Sentence b , the attempted paraphrase, speaks of something that is not present in a: Some food crops have a non-food use. The main paraphrase steps might be listed as 1 Read and understand, 2 Remove the source text, 3 Try to recall what has been understood, and 4 Put the recalled message — not the words — into writing. Paraphrasing a sentence verbs High population growth rates are sometimes blamed on cultural attitudes.

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Signpost Words in Multi-Sentence Lists. Expectations have a very powerful effect on our perceptions. scholarship essay help me write Here is a practice exercise that will hopefully show this to be true. Basically, you are simply writing something in your own words that expresses the original idea.

Further discussion of passive verb meaning can be read in the technical Guinlist article Active-Passive Paraphrases in English and What they Mean for Teaching. Their central feature is the help they give in showing the meaning created by placing two sentences together. doctoral dissertation database presentation Consider the following sentence and possible paraphrase:

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For example , sugar cane can be converted into fuel for motor vehicles. Sentence b , the attempted paraphrase, speaks of something that is not present in a: The meanings resemble conjunction meanings, but they need two sentences for their creation rather than one.

Some male penguins look after incubating eggs. Most English connectors can be paraphrased with words that are not connectors. Paraphrasing a sentence verbs There are many other examples within these pages of paraphrased grammar structures.

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